Base Developments is a Canberra-based property development firm. Our approach is built upon the foundation of creating value and enjoyment for our buyers.

We are proud to be developing the city we live in and have a central focus on meeting the needs of Canberra, through the delivery of a varied range of property types, in our own right and in joint collaboration with like-minded partners.

We develop apartments, terrace homes and free-standing residential properties and have a specific set of goals which guide what we deliver. Commencing with site selection, we consider how our developments interact with broader community facilities such as town centres, schools, shops, healthcare facilities and transport.

Once a development site has been selected, we add value by focusing our attention on the property. Expanding on the skills of our experienced team, we collaborate with external consultants who deliver architectural, engineering, design and construction services.

Our team and consultants are experts in their respective fields and assist in creating a property that considers important factors such as density, development amenities, dwelling size and desired level of inclusion for our buyers. We work closely with our design and construction team to ensure that our developments are aesthetically desirable, spaces function well and are built using construction techniques and standards that endure the test of time.

Our relationship with Government unifies our ability to deliver properties on time and in accordance with compliance and quality requirements and supports the high-quality outcomes our buyers can expect when purchasing from Base.